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Heretat MontRubí - Penedès, Catalonia


Lying just 60 kilometers west of Barcelona, MontRubí is at home in the wine region of Penedès, steeped in hundreds of years of tradition.
The bodega and vineyards of MontRubí stand at over 2,000 feet above the sea, in the Catalan Pre­Coastal Range.
Here the land gives way to ancient forests of Mediterranean Pine, redolent with the scents of wild herbs and alive with the sounds of wild boar and hare scampering through the undergrowth and the calls from Bonelli’s Eagle high above.


當到達L'Avellà的莊園大門時,道路正好在這裡將Guardiola和Font-Rubí兩個地區分隔開。在Alt Penedès的中心,傳統與MontRubí的創新得到結合。
The name MontRubí was created in 1984 in honor of the 19th-century property in L’Avellà that the Peris family refurbished to house the winery. “Mont” relates to the mountainous surroundings and distinctive method of viticulture, while “Rubí” was taken from the name of the municipality of Font-­Rubí where the winery and vineyards are located.
When arriving at the gates of the estate in L’Avellà it seems it is precisely here that the road ends between the towns of Guardiola and Font-Rubí, in the heart of the Alt Penedès, tradition meets innovation at MontRubí.


可持續的葡萄種植 Sustainable viticulture
"At MontRubí we believe in traditional viticulture practiced long ago: sustainable and environmentally friendly."
Simultaneously, we also have committed to innovate our traditions which has led us to incorporate some of the latest technologies.
In line with this philosophy, we use various alternative treatments in the vineyard to produce top­quality grapes without chemical residues, even ones that are commonly allowed according to organic farming guidelines. Additionally, we allow natural ground cover to grow, indigenous to the region’s forests, that promote soil regeneration in tandem with microorganisms which they harbor.

大自然 Nature
"In short, we seek balance in the varieties we use and the environment by following biodynamic guidelines which result in an increase in vitality."
In the winery we use sulfites as minimally as possible, aging the wines on the fine lees which are rich in natural antioxidants. All the winemaking processes are manual, from the harvest to the reception at the winery to grape selection, as well as destemming, pressing and pigeage (punch down).
We use a number of different materials for fermentation and aging, including egg­shaped cement tanks, ceramic amphora made from locally sourced calcium­rich clay as well as French oak barrels of various sizes and toast levels.


起源 - 復甦品種 ORIGINS - Recovering a variety
這項計劃令MontRubí成為世界上第一家生產100% Sumoll葡萄酒的酒莊,並維持為Sumoll葡萄的最大生產商及出口商,令這種葡萄聞名於世。
The Gaintus project began in the year 2000 by MontRubí to help revitalize the plantings of the native Sumoll vine and vinify wines that express its varietal diversity.
This work gave us recognition as the first winery in the world to produce 100% Sumoll wines and we are still the largest producers of Sumoll, exporting and making this magnificent grape known in more than 15 countries around the world.

傳統與創新 Tradition with innovation
The name “Gaintus” comes from the name of a challenging climbing trail that cuts through the Pyrenees­ a symbol of the philosophy of MontRubí.
At one time the Sumoll variety could be found all across the Catalunya, especially in Penedès. But because of how difficult it is to grow coupled with devastation of vineyards by phylloxera in the early 20th century, most of the acreage once planted to it was replanted with either white varieties for sparkling wines or with other international varieties. As a result, Sumoll almost became extinct.

成果 - 世界上第一支單一品種Sumoll葡萄酒 RESULTS - The first monovarietal Sumoll in the world
2001年,MontRubí堅定地致力於Sumoll的保育,並創造了“Gaintus”,世界上第一款100% Sumoll葡萄酒。
由此開始,其他100%的Sumoll葡萄酒誕生了,如“Gaintus Radical”和“Gaintus OneNight's Rosé”,持續繁衍。
In 2001, MontRubí made a firm commitment to recover this variety and created the red wine “Gaintus”, the first entirely Sumoll red wine in the world.
That was just the beginning. Since then other 100% Sumoll wines have been born such as “Gaintus Radical” and “Gaintus One Night’s Rosé”. From one, there are now many.